Vulnerability Scanner Tools

DATAFARM is an authorized partners of Acunetix to consult and implement for Acunetix web vulnerability scanner software in Thailand.

Acunetix web vulnerability scanner is a tool designed to discover security holes in your web applications that an attacker would likely abuse to gain illicit access to your systems and data. It looks for multiple vulnerabilities including SQL injection, cross site scripting, and weak passwords.
Tenable Nessus
Nessus is a remote security scanning tool, which scans a computer or server and raises an alert if it discovers any vulnerabilities that malicious hackers could use to gain access to any computer. It uses the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures architecture for easy cross-linking between compliant security tools.
Rapid7 AppSpider
AppSpider is a dynamic application security testing solution that allows you to scan web and mobile applications for vulnerabilities. AppSpider enables you to effectively manage your application security program, delivers thorough analysis, comprehensive application coverage and sophisticated attack methodologies.
IBM AppScan
IBM AppScan enhance web and mobile application security, improve application security program management and strengthen regulatory compliance for organizations of any size. Dynamic analysis (DAST), static analysis (SAST) and open-source testing help you identify risks, create prioritized remediation plans, and drive precise, actionable results.